The full Fiscal Year 2019 Results

Fiscal 2019 Adjusted EBITA by Segment
• Marketplace-based Core Commerce Adjusted EBITA
increased 31% to RMB 89 million (US$12 million).

• Automatic Plastering revenue increased 44% YoY to RMB 39 million (US$5 million), driven by an increase in average.

• Airless sprayer revenue increased 23% YoY to RMB 31 million (US$4 million), primarily due to an
increase in revenue from mobile value-added services provided by DERUTUWeb. 

• Innovation Initiatives and Other revenue increased 42% YoY to RMB 19 million (US$2 million), mainly due to an increase
in revenue from Solutions and OEM.

Beijing plastering – Automatic plastering machine

Project location: Beijing
Project Type: Plastering with Mortar
Project area: 100,000 square meters
Project machine: D3.0*3 sets
Completion time: 60 days

After determining the project requirements, the person in charge of the project contacted De Ruitu’s account manager. According to the construction requirements of the project, he formulated an automatic plastering machine construction plan. The original standard 3.5m plastering machine was customized and increased to 4.2 meters.

“Mark Qin” in spraying machine —— DERUTU high-pressure airless sprayer

“Mark Qin” in spraying machine —— DERUTU high-pressure airless sprayer

It is specially customized for large projects, which can support a transmission distance of 100 meters and connect an extension pipe of more than 3 meters. The large power brings both efficient work efficiency and simple working methods.

Supported coatings:
Latex Paints;Primers;Block Fillers;Enamel;
Acrylic: Water/Solvent Epoxy: Finishes/Mastics Polyester;
Coal Tar;Polyurethane;Asphalt Emulsion: Fibered/Non-fibered ;Mastics – Adhesive Type Waterproofing/Above and Below Grade Contract Cement;
Asphalt Cut-back: Fibered/Non-fibered Texture: Smooth and Fine;
Burmastics;Monoform;Aluminum Emulsion: Fibered/Non-fibered Elastomeric Acrylic;
Emulsion Primer;Silicone;Intumescents

Building plaster companion —— power-mix plastering machine

The unified choice of building gypsum project can support dry powder mixing plastering machine.

High efficiency, manual 12~20M2 per person per day, machine 400㎡ per day.
Automatic water supplying and mixing, directly pouring dry powder, which solves the problem of gypsum mixing.
Good engineering quality, high flatness, no empty drum cracking.
Wide applicability, easy to move, ceiling, hidden and open-angle, the exterior wall can be constructed.
Save construction costs, save water and materials, and reduce costs by more than 20%.

We can provide different configurations of machines according to your needs, a high-quality machine that can work for more than 5 years, or a machine more suitable for short-term engineering-shorter life and lower price.

Simple and efficient choice — worm pump mortar machine

If your construction is in good condition and you have the right mortar and workers, in order to pursue the fastest construction period and stable quality, you can customize the mortar plastering machine to serve your project.

High efficiency, 800 square meters per day. high flatness, no empty drum cracking.
Simplified process, manual scraping after machine spraying.

In different working conditions, we always provide you with the best choice. According to the thickness of the spray coating and the maximum particle size of the mortar, as well as the height and length of the construction site, we customize the length of the screw pump to meet the construction requirements to the maximum.

High wall or lack workers solution — Automatic plastering machine

If your project has an extremely high wall height, such as 3.5 meters or more, an automatic plastering machine is the best choice. He can automatically plaster and smooth the wall. For example, hotel lobby, office building, airport, casino, public alms, etc., are excellent applications. DERUTU will customize the height and width according to your needs and provide technical support throughout the process, just like the past 1387 solutions. The machine can complete more than 600 square meters per day.

Similarly, if your project lacks workers, or the worker’s plastering process is poor, an automatic plastering machine is a good choice. Only 3 people can use the machine efficiently, and at the same time, it can ensure that the wall error does not exceed 3 mm. It is especially suitable for those who have time requirements but cannot get enough skilled workers.