Worm pump machine

As soon the structural work is complete, our products move in: from worm, piston, plaster spraying pumps or floor screed conveyors, we offer the most comprehensive and powerful range of plastering machines.

Applicable Project: repair and renovation works, Spraying of thick coat ready-mixed plaster, Applying lightweight insulating materials.

D70 wet and dry universal spraying machine using screw pump, automatic water, dry powder mixing technology, can automatically mix dry powder building gypsum, greatly simplify the work process, improve work efficiency, is the best choice for all kinds of light or heavy gypsum plasters.

PC18 Muti-Function Spraying Machine has self-designed screw pump technology, support spraying cement mortar, gypsum, concrete and other building materials, greatly simplify the construction process, improve work efficiency, suitable for internal wall, external wall, equal flow work projects.

D60 Plaster plastering machine

D60 is a three-phase plastering machine ideal for dosing, mixing, pumping and spraying dry mix materials from bag or silo. Built with a modular bent trolled steel body and a highly efficient geared motor. Equipped with high-quality components that make this plaster sprayer the top of its category.

PC18 plastering machine

High power 9.2KW,pure copper torque motor,high-speed spraying, spray 200square meters per hour.Two people can operate, reduce the intensity of manual feeding, no scaffolding, reduce the intensity and workload of workers.Thickened hopper design,large capacity,smooth discharge,good spraying effect,long service life

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