derutu plastering solution
derutu plastering machine

Professional contractors in a broad range of specialties consider DERUTU their go-to for hardy and reliable equipment that helps them save time and deliver high-quality results.

derutu airless sprayer

Homeowners and do-it-yourself consumers use our time-saving paint sprayers to finish weekend projects inside and outside of the home. Doors, trim, decks, ceilings, fences, and more.

derutu plastering rendering machine

Learn more about DERUTU’s successful projects, and look for similar or learn from your experience. Or contact our experts directly.We will give a solution according to your project situation.

derutu airless sprayer putty paint

DERUTU is a professional design and manufacturing service provider of plastering machines, worm pumps, airless sprayers, and parts. providing customers with manufacturing services for machine equipment products centered on the industrial platform.

derutu plastering machine

DERUTU is dedicated to providing users with high-performance products. By teaming up with partners all around the world, we can do more together and continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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