Derutu history

Follow the history of DERUTU from its founding by Chen in 2001 to the present day. From a nationalized business to a global company.


THE HEIGHT OF THE “World Trade Organization”

With China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, China’s construction market has begun to experience unprecedented expansion. A report from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said, “On average, 100 high-rise buildings are being built every day.” At the same time, Chen, the founder of DERUTU, realized that during the construction of the buildings, stucco, which caused serious human injuries, was needed Improvement, automatic plastering machine started development project.

FORM 2001 to 2005


During this period, the core team of DERUTU visited 76 construction sites in 26 provinces in 3 countries, collected more than 700 types of cement and sand, and learned more than 30 types of plastering processes. Launched the first-generation plastering machine D112A, and obtained 12 invention patents.

In 2004, “National High-tech Enterprise”. In 2005, it passed the international ISO9001 certification.

FORM 2005 to 2010


During this period, DERUTU launched 4 kinds of market-oriented products, realized the automatic construction of plastering mechanization, and obtained good market feedback in one fell swoop, and the sales growth reached an amazing level.

In 2007, the brand “CEHNGGONG” was selected as a well-known trademark. In 2010, it became the national “Intellectual Property Innovation Protection Unit”.

FORM 2011 to 2015


Automatic plastering machine 2.0 came out, greatly improving automation; plastering machines, gypsum sprayers, airless sprayers, automatic continuous mixers, and sander product lines have come out one after another. DERUTU has developed more products than ever before.
Drafted the industry standard for automatic plastering machines and participated in 7027 times construction consulting services.

In 2016, CCTV made a special report-“The Plastering Master”.

FORM 2016 to 2019

International market expansion and listing

After occupying 70% of the domestic market share, DERUTU began to expand the international market, cooperated with the Overseas Division of China Construction Group, and jointly participated in a number of projects in Malaysia, Dubai, Equatorial Guinea, etc. At the same time, the C-terminal business was launched, and partners were established in various countries to provide terminal sales and services.  

DERUTU Inc. was successfully listed in 2018. As of 2019, DERUTU has established offices or partners in 5 countries and has accumulated a total of 50 invention patents.



When Chen started DERUTU in 2001, he has helped engineers design and envisions the future that positions us as the industry’s highest quality manufacturer of wall treatment products that span multiple markets. All of this is backed by an outstanding commitment to customer service. When asked about what he sees in the future, Chen takes an optimistic tone: “I am excited about the future of this organization and the foundation we have developed. Our culture is strong, we have sound processes in place, superior geographic coverage with world-class distributor partners and a team of employees I’d trade for no other.”

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