Derutu factory

DERUTU Inc. has a total of 1 R & D center, 1 after-sales service center, 2 sales centers, and 3 production plants.

Beijing R & D Center conducts product design and front-end development. Six senior engineers draw inspiration from practices around the world to continuously generate ideas and upgrade products while helping our customers customize products, solutions, and designs.

Henan production plant and Xiping production plant are mainly responsible for the production of plastering machine series. It has 4 production lines, with 3 CNC machining centers, 4 grinders, and an annual output of more than 5,000.

Henan production plant, Zhengzhou mold processing center is mainly responsible for the development of DERUTU’s equipment and molds. It has 3 production lines, including 4 CNC machining centers, 6 engraving, and milling machines, and EDM 5 Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining, 5 grinding machines, etc. Can complete all kinds of metal mold opening work, and support customer customization.

Jiangsu production plant, Jiangsu production plant is mainly responsible for the production of airless sprayer machine series. It has 6 production lines, 20 numerically controlled production center, 20 cutting machines, 10 precision assembly instruments, and Trilinear coordinate measuring instrument; Coordinate measuring machine (CMM), the annual output can reach more than 60,000 units.n.

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