Product Description

DM Automatic Plastering Machine series can work with plaster and mortar spraying machine to realize automatic smoothing after spraying, reduce the punching bar before spraying and manual smoothing after spraying, it is a highly efficient choice for plaster and mortar plastering.

一.DM Technology Model

DM Technology model details

  1. Voltage:48V
  2. Power Supply: Lithium Battery
  3. Work Efficiency:4 square meters per minute
  4. Plastering Height:3.2M
  5. Plastering Width:1.2M
  6. Positioning Mode:Microcomputer
  7. Weight:45KG
  8. Size(Length,Width,Height):120*100*193cm
  9. Motor:48VDC Servo Motor
  10. After-sales Service:1 Warranty
  11. Scope of Application:Cement Mortar、Finished Mortar、Self-mixing Mortar、Lime Mortar、   Clay Mortar、Light Gypsum、 Heavy Gypsum

二.DM Leading Model

DM Leading model details


  • Motor appliance.The leading model adopts 220V decelaration motor.The technology model adopts imported low-voltage servo motor with 32 amh battery drive.
  • Control system.The leading model adopts ac contractor and button control.The technology model adopts Simens PLC ,imported servo motor and industrial control LCD screen.Completely automatic control.Manul and automatic switch at will.
  • Lifting track.The leading model adopts carbon steer laser cutting sheet metal processing lifting track.The technology model adopts 5 cm thickness aluminum magnesium alloy plate with large gantry milling.

四.operation videos

You can search DERUTU Inc. on youtube.

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